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ELAN™ Personal Alcohol Tester

ELAN™ Personal Alcohol TesterELAN is a personal, microcomputer controlled breath tester designed to measure an individual’s blood alcohol concentration at one point in time.

The electronic signal produced by an individual’s breath alcohol is converted into a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. This accuracy of any breath alcohol test is dependent upon the relationship between the concentration of alcohol in the blood and deep lung breath. The accepted ratio that defines this relationship is 2100 to 1.


ELAN is very easy to use and understand. The following guidelines will help explain its operation.

On: To turn ELAN on, press the power switch on the front of the unit. The beeper will sound once and the led display will indicate a count down sequence from 6 while the sensor is being conditioned for a test.

Ready: When the count down sequence is complete, 00 will illuminate.

Blow: Exhale steadily into the mouthpiece for five seconds. The beeper will sound once to indicate the end of the sample.

Reading: The alcohol level will be indicated on the 3 digit led display. The results will then flash for approximately 5 seconds until the unit turns off automatically.

0ff: To turn ELAN off, press the power switch on the front of the unit The display will indicate OFF and the beeper will sound once.

Low Battery: ELAN will indicate a low battery voltage by displaying the red BATT LOW Personal Alcohol Testerled.

Important Cautions


Sale of the ELAN Personal Alcohol Tester is on the express condition that neither the manufacturer nor the vendor of the device shall be held responsible for the accuracy of any breath teat reading obtained from the device, nor liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting, directly or indirectly from the use thereof.


The ELAN Personal Alcohol Tester must be calibrated periodically to maintain its accuracy. Calibration frequency requirements depend on usage, and therefore will vary from came to case. In determining your own requirements, you may wish to start by having your unit checked for Calibration accuracy on at learnt a quarterly basis. An immediate calibration check isrecommended if at any time you suspect the unit may not be giving an accurate reading.

Units in need of service or calibration should be sent to an authorized service center prepaid with an explanation of the problem.


ELAN is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. During the warranty period Alcohol Countermeasure Systems agrees to replace or repair any unit or part that in its judgment is found to be defective, providing the defect is not due to damage or misuse.


Size: 3.50 in x 1.25 in x O.50 in
Temperature Range: ±10% @ 100 mg% (.10% MC)
Battery: 0C to 40C (30F to 100F)
Display: 3 digit led
5 second continuous display of test results
Battery: Two AAA alkaline battery
Smoking caution: Wait 3 minutes
Drinking caution: Wait 15 minutes after consumption of alcohol

Authorized Service Centers

Alcohol Countermeasures Systems Corp.
14-975 Midway Boulevard
Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5T 2C6
Telephone: 905.670.2288
Facsimile: 905.670.8211
Alcohol Countermeasures Systems, Inc
1670 Jasper Avenue, Suite G
Aurora, Colorado, USA 80011
Telephone: 303.366.5699
Facsimile: 303.366.5996
Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (AA) Pty Ltd
Box 5, 312B North Rocks Road
North Rocks, NSW 2151 Australia
Telephone: 612.9671.9150
Facsimile: 612.9671.8150
Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (MB)
Haninge, Sweden

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems is the owner of an extensive number of patents in several countries covering various aspects of breath sampling procedures and breath alcohol measurement. This instrument incorporates certain of these breath-testing principles as outlined and protected by these patents.

ELITE is a registered trademark of Alcohol Countermeasure Systems
© 2000 Alcohol Countermeasure Systems

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