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Interpreting Test Results:

C(Control) - A control line indicates that the test is working

Negative - A line appears for each negative result

Positive - No line indicates that the test is positive


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  • Fast result in three to eight minutes
  • Easy-to-read with distinct color bands and clear background
  • Accurate and sensitive with the highest quality test results
  • Built-in test control
  • Available in single and multiple test cassettes using a customized menu with up to six test per cassette.

HLA, parentage testing, parent identification, child custody,child support

parent identification, child custody, child support

  • All needed test components including pipette are provided in each foil-wrapped cassette
  • Room temperature storage with 18 months shelf life
  • FDA approved
  • Private label available

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InstaCheck Drug Screen Instructions
Step 1: Add Urine Step 2: Check Control Step 3: Read Results
Add 4 drops of urine to each sample well using enclosed pipette, (alternate wells when applying drops to 2 and 3 window cassettes) Check control line within 3-8 minutes after the addition of sample. The presence of a colored line beside the "C" (Control) indicates that the test has functioned properly. A COLORED LINE next to the respective drug test indicates a NEGATIVE result. NO COLORED LINE next to the respective drug test indicates a POSITIVE test result. (In this example, the test is positive for cocaine.)
Note: The presence of any line, regardless of intensity, should be interpreted as a negative result. All samples that have been interpreted as a positive result should be confirmed using a more specific analytical method. The preferred method for confirmation testing and the method established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is GC/MS.

Please refer to package insert for complete details

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