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DRIVESAFE, Personal Alcohol Tester

drivesafe breath alcohol tester for personal use DRIVESAFE™ Personal Alcohol Tester is a portable instrument that is simple to use yet provides an accurate measure of breath alcohol concentration for transportation safety needs.  This portable breath alcohol tester may be used for personal needs, clinical safety or compliance testing in the workplace.


DRIVESAFE is designed and manufactured by Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS), a manufacturer of law enforcement breath alcohol testers for over 20 years.   DRIVESAFE uses the same advanced semiconductor sensor used in our portable police breath testers combined with the latest in microcomputer circuitry.


Simply turn on DRIVESAFE and after an automatic circuit test, a "ready" light and audio tone tell you DRIVESAFE is ready.  Then just breathe into the mouthpiece.  In only a few seconds, the audio tone stops to tell you that DRIVESAFE has completed the test.  The alcohol content is indicated on the meter to the nearest 0.01 percent.  After 25 seconds, DRIVESAFE automatically turns off.


DRIVESAFE is small (14.0cm x 6.8cm x 3.5cm), and uses AA alkaline batteries so you can carry it with you and use it anywhere.  Mouthpieces are included and DRIVESAFE is backed by our one year limited warranty.


DRIVESAFE gives you the information you need to quickly make an informed decision and prevent accident or injury in the workplace. 

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Size:  14.0cm x 6.8cm x 3.5cm (5.5" x 2.7" x 1.4")
Weight:  150 grams (5.3 ounces)

Sensor:  Semiconductor
Specificity:  Selective for alcohol

Batteries:  6 AA alkaline
Number of tests:  over 250 tests with fresh batteries
Automatic power down:  After 30 seconds of inactivity the unit shuts off

Calibration:  Breath alcohol simulator with standard solution
Mouthpieces:  Round or Square type with sputum trap

Smoking caution:  Wait 3 minutes
Drinking (alcohol consumption) caution:  Wait 15 minutes

Complete package includes:  Colour box and liner, 2 mouthpieces, manual


DRIVESAFE personal alcohol testers are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year from the date of shipment.

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems agrees to replace or repair any unit or part that in its judgement is found to be defective, providing that the defect has not been caused by misuse or mishandling.  Units in warranty must be properly packaged and shipped prepaid to a factory authorized service facility.

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