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Ethyl Alcohol Standard Solution

Ethyl Alcohol Standard Solution

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Prepared for use in a breath alcohol simulator which is capable of controlling the solution temperature at 34 ± 0.2°C. When air (breath) is bubbled through this solution, an equivalent BAC is generated based upon the 2100: 1 Breath - Blood Alcohol Ratio.

Absolute ethyl alcohol (USP Grade) is mixed with distilled water to provide an analytical concentration predictive of the equivalent BAC as noted above. For example, a 100 mg% (0.10%) would have an analytical concentration of 1.21 mg/mL. A tolerance of 0.00 to +0.02 mg/mL is maintained.

Each batch of solution is independently analyzed by gas chromatography using the internal standard technique. The certification process also includes a simulator test using a Breathalyzer model 900/900A and an Intoxilyzer 5000. A certificate is available upon request.

The solution is bottled in high-density polyethylene bottles and closed with a poly seal cap. A neck seal is provided for integrity.

Ethyl alcohol standard solutions are available in standard concentrations to provide alcohol breath instruments with the following readings: 0.04% BAC, 0.05% BAC, 0.10% BAC, and 0.15% BAC. Other concentrations are available.

Each batch of standard solution is given a unique lot number and is further identified by the equivalent BAC value (e.g. 0.10% BAC), the date of manufacture and the expiry date for use. Each bottle and each box of six (6) bottles is so labeled.

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