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Q.E.D. ®

Saliva Disposable Alcohol Test
#1 in the Country!
Meets Federal and D.O.T. regulations

qed saliva alcohol test

The On-The-Spot Leader In Alcohol Testing...

      • Simple
        • Accurate
          • Reliable
            • D.O.T. Approved (A150 only)
              • CLIA Waived
                • In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Three easy steps:
q.e.d saliva breath alcohol test

On-Site Simplicity with Clinical Lab Accuracy...

The Q.E.D.® test can be used as an accurate screen in place of blood tests. In clinical trials, saliva alcohol levels measured with the Q.E.D.5® tests demonstrated high correlation to blood analyzed by saliva test for alcoholgas chromatography (r=O.98) and produced no false positive or false negative results.


The Q.E.D. test is used for ...

  • Pre-employment or pre-duty
  • Random testing
  • Post-accident
  • Reasonable cause
  • Follow-up testing
Worksite testing for DOT or drug-free workplace programs
  • Testing upon admission
  • Interventions
  • Counseling sessions
  • Random testing
Alcohol Treatment Centers
  • Pre-discharge
  • Admission screening
  • Routine trauma treatment protocol
  • Seizure or unconscious victims
Emergency / Trauma Departments

It’s Reliable, Fast, Simple...

  • Built-in QA Spot™ assures quality control for every test
  • Quantitative results in minutes
  • Long shelf life
  • Reads like a thermometer
  • No instrumentation
  • Non-invasive

Get STAT alcohol results with the CLIA "waived" Q.E.D.® Saliva Breath Alcohol Test

The perfect complenient to a rapid drug screen. More than 60% of hospitals do rapid drug screening using urine-based test cups, dipsticks or panels. The market leader generates $56MM annually in drug test sales. But what about alcohol? Hospitals conduct 6.76 million blood and breath alcohol tests each year - that's about 5% of all patient visits to the Emergency Department. Our research indicates a potential to sell 2.6 million Q.E.D. tests per year.

Feature Benefit
The Q.E.D. A35O Saliva Alcohol Test provides quantitative results (0-345 mg/dL) in 5 minutes. Emergency Departments complete drug and alcohol screeing in 5 minutes.
Q.E.D. tests have a 0.98 correlation to blood analysis. The results will match blood work requested from the lab. Very credible.
Q.E.D. tests are CLIA waived, and do not need to be run by the lab. Any Emergency Department staff, including med techs, can run the test, saving time and freeing nurses and physicians for treatment.
Q.E.D. tests are CLIA waived, reducing the Quality Control check requirement to each lot, not each day. Quality Control checks only on each new lot saves both time and money. Checks can be run right in the Emergency Department.
Q.E.D. tests are inexpensive at $6.50 per test and reimbursable under CPT code 82055QW. Tests can be ordered by the Emergency Department Director.

Key advantages of "waived" status

  1. Q.E.D. tests can be run by any Emergency Department staff, including med techs.
  2. Q.C. checks need only be run on each new lot of devices, as per our product instructions. Previously Q.C. checks were required every day of patient testing.
  3. Proficiency can fall under the hospital lab's "unbrella" program, with Q.E.D. tests classified as Point of Care rapid tests. Q.C. can be run right in the Emergency Department.

Additional Information...

  • Available in two testing ranges: -
    —>A150 (0-145 mg/dL, 0-0.145%)
    —>A350 (0-345 mg/dL, 0-0.345%)

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