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ALERTŪ hand-held pre-arrest breath alcohol tester

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Take the guesswork out of breath alcohol testing

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ALERTŪ is a hand-held, pre-arrest breath alcohol tester that reliably identifies alcohol impaired drivers. Its full-featured design provides you with the objective, unbiased information you need and the easy operation you want.

Easy to Use, Evidentiary Accuracy

drug detection for business
In less than 90 seconds, ALERTŪ completes a system check and purge cycle.

2. TAKE A BREATH SAMPLE. drug free workplace, drug test panel
ALERTŪ automatically tells you it's ready for the subject to take a test.

ALERTŪ uses a patented breath sampling technique to monitor the air flow and ensure an accurate breath test. When you instruct the subject to exhale, the unit gives a continuous visual and audio cue for the five second sampling period. If a proper sample is not collected, ALERTŪ's automatic abort cycle indicates a retest is necessary. ALERTŪ safeguards against user interference or false readings.

3. READ THE RESULTS. drug free workplace, drug test panel
Immediately, ALERTŪ shows the test results with an accuracy of + or - .005% BAC, the standard for evidentiary testing.

Three Readout Choices

LERTŪ is available with 3 different readout choices to best meet your needs.

DIGITAL: Displays BAC numerically (.000% to.499% BAC). Available as a 2 or 3 digit readout.

PASS/SUSP/FAIL: Displays BAC as PASS (.000% to.049% BAC), SUSP (.050% to.099% BAC) or FAIL (.100% BAC and above).

DIGIFAIL: Displays BAC numerically between .000% to.099% BAC and as FAIL at .100% BAC and above.

Designed for the Field

ALERTŪ runs on rechargeable NiCad batteries. And, its rapid recycle allows you to retest the subject immediately. This means you won't waste time waiting between tests.

Unlike fuel cells ALERTŪ electronic sensor operates in inclement weather , hot or cold without a loss in sensitivity or accuracy. In addition, ALERTŪ is less susceptible to smoke damage, and more economical to maintain.

ALERTŪ comes complete with heavy duty charger, carrying case, and a supply of disposable mouthpieces. When you are in your car ALERTŪ can be recharged by using our cigarette lighter charger.

ALERTŪ requires minimum maintenance: keeping the unit charged when it's not in use and performing a simple one step calibration. It even turns itself off to conserve the batteries.

breath alcohol testing

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ALERTŪ Model J4 Specifications
Patented Microcomputer-based Alcohol Breath Tester


ALERT Model J4 alcohol breath testers are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year from date of shipment.

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems agrees to replace or repair any unit or part that in its judgement is found to be defective, providing the defect has not been caused by misuse or mishandling. Units in warranty must be properly packaged and shipped prepaid to a factory authorized service facility.


Size 5.7 in. X 3.2 in. x 1.4 in. (H x W x D)
(I 4.5 cm x 8.0 cm x 3.5 cm)
Weight I I ounces (300 grams)
Number of tests
Operation in ambient temperature
+ or - 5% at .10% BAC (.005% BAC)
30 to 50 tests with full charge
3 AA NiCad batteries
0 degrees F to 100 degrees F
Smoking caution
Drinking (alcohol consumption) caution
Wait 3 minutes on Wait 15 minutes
Purge cycle
Automatic power down
Breath sample
30 to 90 seconds after 25 seconds of inactivity the unit shuts off 5 second moderate and continuous breath sample
Calibration Compatible with standard alcohol/water simulators
Display 3 different formats from which to choose
25 second, continuous display of test results
8 easy to read messages indicate ready to test, low battery, abort, and system errors.
Complete package includes Installed, rechargeable NiCad power pack
Heavy duty charger
Disposable clear plastic mouthpieces
Carrying case

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