Drug Testing Laboratory Services
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Drug Testing Laboratory Services is a full service provider for drug testing and breath alcohol testing equipment and supplies, as well as genetic paternity testing using reliable and accurate DNA/HLA testing.

As a drug testing consortium, we offer all of the services needed to keep you in compliance with drug testing regulations. This includes breath alcohol testing equipment, supplies, and the training and certification needed to perform the tests.

All testing programs conform to business and industry standards based on Federal and State regulations.

We offer a nationwide network of collection sites for drug and breath alcohol testing for businesses whose employees are located in many areas. If you would like additional information about Drug Testing Laboratory Services or would like to speak with a representative about options for your business.

  • Collection Sites Local and Nationwide
  • Walk-in and On-Site Collections Services Available for Drug and Breath Alcohol

Drug Testing Laboratory Services can provide:

  • D.O.T., Individual and Corporate drug testing
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Random Selection
  • Statistical Reports
  • Employee Program Assistance Referrals
  • Drug and steroid testing for athletic programs
  • Written policies tailored to meet your programs
  • Training and certification for breath alcohol testing


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Breath Alcohol Testing Spec Sheets:
Ensure Model J7 | Snap® Disposable | DRIVESAFE Personal Alcohol Tester
Elan Portable BAT | QED Saliva Disposable Alcohol Test | Alert Model J4X | Alert J4 ECX Evidential Portable
Scotty Dry Gas Kit | Guth Wet Bath Kit | ALCOSCAN | Ethyl Alcohol Solutions

Drug Testing Spec Sheets:
Hair Testing | InstaStick Drug Test Strips | Instacheck Drug Screen | InstaCup Drug Screen | Intercept Oral Fluid Drug Test